1. What is the main role of a car care specialist?(Required)
2. When in doubt about a safety concern, hit the______ button.(Required)
3. When loading car, how many activations do you need to activate an automatic roller up?(Required)
4. Why is it important to make eye contact while loading a vehicle?(Required)
5. What are the two main goals of CCS?(Required)
6. Which parts of the vehicle do you spray bug prep on?(Required)
7. Which PPE gear is required for CCS?(Required)
8. When can you use the prep gun?(Required)
9. What is the result of a well processed line?(Required)
10. A customer hopped a roller after the roller pop up, what should you do?(Required)
13. What can you do during “down-time”?(Required)
14. After you’ve successfully loaded a truck on the conveyor, you realized there are some loose items in the trunk bed. What should you do?(Required)
15. As a car is driving up, you noticed the front license plate is loose. What should you do?(Required)
16. You noticed a truck with extended side mirrors about to enter the tunnel. What should you do?(Required)
17. What is the NoPileups Live View?(Required)
24. What can you use to clean NoPileups cameras?(Required)
25. When a truck with an extended tow hitch comes into the tunnel, which retract is appropriate?(Required)
26. When a car with a ski roof rack on top comes into the tunnel, which retract is appropriate?(Required)