1. Waterfly Car Wash believes in:(Required)
5. What is the importance of a pitch?(Required)
6. What do we sell?(Required)
10. What is a Frequent Flyer Program?(Required)
13. How can a customer cancel their Frequent Flyer plan?(Required)
14. What is triple conditioner?(Required)
15. What is RFID Sticker?(Required)
16. What do Flash Dryers do?(Required)
17. What is Liquid Shine?(Required)
18. What is a conveyor?(Required)
20. How many retracts do we have?(Required)
22. If your XPT screen is not touchable, what should you do?(Required)
23. How many types of Fast Pass Sticker do we have?(Required)
24. Where should you apply the Fast Pass Sticker?(Required)
25. Customer do not want a Fast Pass sticker on their windshield. What should you do?(Required)