1. When do we pressure wash the entire tunnel?(Required)
2. What do we clean the windows with?(Required)
3. How often do we clean the wraps?(Required)
4. When cleaning the wraps which chemical is used before power washing?(Required)
5. When is it appropriate to “acid bath” the equipment?(Required)
6. When using acid to clean, what is the second step of the acid bath?(Required)
7. You must wipe the excess water on the bearings at what time?(Required)
8. When is the gloss boss brushes and manifolds needed to be cleaned?(Required)
9. What chemical do you use for the triple conditioner sign?(Required)
10. When cleaning the blowers excluding the chrome nozzles, it is best to do which combo?(Required)
11. When cleaning the trench, which tools are needed?(Required)
12. The tunnel pit must be cleaned how many times a month?(Required)
13. Where do we put the excessive pit mud?(Required)
14. When cleaning the tunnel walls which chemical would you use?(Required)
15. Clean the photo eyes with which item?(Required)
16. What do you use to clean the NoPileups cameras with?(Required)
17. What is the diluted ratio for Klean Wall?(Required)
18. What is the diluted ratio for a concentrated Degreaser?(Required)
19. Which PPE is required when using chemical?(Required)
20. Which cleaning combo is used to clean black powder coating equipment?(Required)