1. What are the primary duties of a VLA?(Required)
2. How many vacuum stalls are there?(Required)
3. How often do we sweep the lot?(Required)
4. What do we do if the vacuums are clogged?(Required)
5. If a customer told you that they accidentally vacuumed up an item that they wanted back, what should you do?(Required)
6. How do we properly install a Fast Pass sticker?(Required)
7. How many times a day do we check for potential problems with vacuums?(Required)
9. Why is it important to keep the lot clean and tidy?(Required)
13. You noticed there is a vehicle that had the music on a bit too loud. What should you do?(Required)
14. What should you be doing during “down-time”?(Required)
15. A customer stated that the wash did not clean the car too well. What should you do?(Required)